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Punga net 2
Saturday, 13 February 2016



  • All stations are now connected on a high speed wide area network 16x more bandwidth than the old system.
  • Punga net now has considerable IT and storage capability available to share with the stations and enable new broadcast technologies and distribution options.
  • Audio content can now be distributed and shared as low compression audio files directly between stations and also from a central audio storage.
  • The number of simultaneous audio feeds that can be shared by each station is now 8 channels instead of one, and these channels use better quality audio codecs for improved quality.
  • Stations can now share individual studio sources with the network rather than just their final broadcast programme.  This allows stations to share individual microphones and other sources on and off air and allows collaborative live broadcasts as well as shared production.
  • The system also provide full intercom facilities between shared sources so that full off air management of combined programmes can be achieved with a producer at a different location from the talent.
  • All stations are now constantly monitored and recorded.  A rebroadcast quality recording is kept for 1 month and a reference quality recording for 12 months, for every station or contributor.  Web based tools allow users to quickly find and audition audio inside these logged streams and copy that audio for other use.
  • New internet streaming technology on a revised provides better quality audio at lower bandwidth.
  • Podcasting (RSS) capabilities allows stations to publish audio for the public to subscribe to.  This system also allows multiple security levels to restrict individual files to either just the station, or the stations and the public.
  • Stations can share IT resources via firewall protected ports and central shared folders.
  • Maori television is now on the Punga Net and will be able to share material from the stations,  stringers can use the bandwidth at the stations to transfer video back to MTS.